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A Free Course from The Content Edit

Trigger Your Blog Free 5-Day Course

A free course to help you create content hit publish and become consistent with your content creation.

Girl, you have some big dreams for your blog.

Every great brand starts with a dream but to achieve the success you deserve, you need focus, consistency and a plan.

Knowing the direction you are going with your blog is going to be crucial for you.  You need to become a content creator who knows what your audience wants and loves.

Get ready to give your blog 100% commitment, create some fresh content and no longer be afraid to press publish on your posts.

Trigger Your Blog Free 5-Day Course

Your Course Starts Tomorrow!

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What Students Say About Trigger Your Blog

“After completing the course I am so much more confident about my blog, I now understand who my audience is, what they want to read and how I should go about writing great content!”


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  • Caroline Towers

    Caroline Towers

    Creator, Blogger & Multi--Passionate Entrepreneur

    With a degree in Creative Writing and English Literature, Caroline is a successful blogger and multi-passionate business owner. Caroline is passionate about creativity, branding and entrepreneurship. Caroline has worked with numerous small business owners and bloggers as well as being shortlisted for awards in business. Caroline's goal is to empower women to build their own successful brand, whilst being creative and shining their light in the world.

Trigger Your Blog 5-Day Course

Your Course Starts Tomorrow!

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